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Tired of Not Knowing What the Next Level Is? Want to Get There Faster?

You have 4,000 weeks to live. Total.

If you're 40, you've already used half of them. Fact.

Do you know what you want from the rest of your life? Honestly, do you? Most people spend their lives pursuing things, status, recognition, goals that are not truly meaningful to them. They pretend they are...

How do you want to make the most of your time? What do you want to give attention to? Both your time & attention are finite resources. Are you clear? Committed?

When was the last time you were uncomfortable? For a sustained or compressed period of time? Most North Americans spend 93% of their life indoors, spend over 11 hours each day connected to digital media, and touch their phones 2,600 times per day. Yes. Seriously.

Wild Walks takes you to where the pavement ends, flies to where the land ends, ~150km from a cell phone signal. It gets you clear, focused, committed and ready for the best of your life.

"The wilderness holds answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask."

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've found the best place to dig deep and breakthrough to an unexpected new level.

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Remote Wilderness Coaching


Disconnect from the noise around you. Learn, grow, apply, and breakthrough. Wild Walks Wilderness Coaching includes:

  • 6 Months of 1:1 + Group Coaching
  • Monthly books + review supporting concepts & preparing you.
  • 5 Day Remote Wilderness Coaching Trip (5 people maximum)
  • Training program to physically prepare you.
  • 2 Month Re-Entry Personalized Plan

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

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Progressive Intake

Self-Discovery & Assessments

Get to know yourself. You'll complete proprietary assessments on Values, High Performance Indicators, Human Drives, and Life Areas.

Session #1

Focal Points & Clarity

Confirm focus, level of agency, and habits. Gain immediate, behavioural-driven clarity, and intentionality.

Session #2

Courage & Fear

Increase confidence, decisiveness, and momentum. Pursue goals boldly.

Session #3

Reclaim Your Agenda & Advance with Abandon

Identify your life's agenda + daily actions and if they are truly your own. Advance more boldly & consistently.

Session #4

Critical Leadership Competencies

Build the 4 leadership competencies critical to you pursuing & realizing the life you want.

Session #5

Simplifying Interferences & Agility

Learn, apply, refine skills key to the mental side of performance, adapting, and leading with agility.

Session #6

Art of Listening

Elephants can hear clouds move. Are you listening to everything you could be? Should be?

Session #7

Elite Rest, Recovery, Play

Robin Sharma said it best, "elite performance requires elite recovery". 


Wild Walks Trip Planning Course

All the tools you need to plan your own self-guided wilderness retreat.



We drive to where the pavement ends, fly to where the land ends, and get picked up 5 days later.

3 days in wilderness is proven to:

  • 21% lower stress response
  • 29% drop in PTSD symptoms
  • 50% improvement in convergent thinking (aka problem solving)
  • Reset your thinking, revive your brain, tame burnout, and make you feel better.

With distractions eliminated, we go to work burning off your stress, elevating & reinforcing clarity, determining your worthy pursuit, confirming commitment, and galvanizing gratitude.

To support your success, we build a personalized "re-entry plan" and coach you for at least 2 more months to build boundaries and momentum.

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Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you work, you are not as fulfilled as you want to be? Are you ready & willing to do big work?

If yes, then Wild Walks Remote Wilderness Coaching is for you.

We give you the coaching to have the breakthroughs. We give you the training to have the experience.

We'll tune out the world around you and increase your clarity, action, and commitment. Wild Walks' blend of foundational & experiential coaching will deliver the breakthroughs, skills, and self-trust for sustained meaningful impact.

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I believe in the benefit, power, and impact of nature. For over 15 years, I have spent at least 10 consecutive days, each year, without access to a cell phone signal. I have spent over 1,000 consecutive days with 4+ hours moving outdoors each day. I have competed in some of the world's most gruelling multi-day ultra endurance events.

I am the Founder of Wild Walks, Founder of Semper Leadership Certified Coaching, and a 7x Certified High Performance Coach.

Adventures have taken me to the Himalayas, galloping horseback with Cape Buffalo in Botswana, into the world's largest cave in Vietnam, diving with great white sharks in South Africa, swimming from Alcatraz, the Costa Rican jungle, Yellowstone, and my favourite, the coast and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. 

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, empowering breakthroughs, and unapologetic confidence.

"Graham didn't just save my life, he gave me a new one. I cannot believe his commitment to showing up for people."

Wild Walks Participant

"I've achieved things I never even imagined. My life is better, happier. I'm grateful for Graham."

3x Wild Walks Participant

"Sounds Cool, But I Could Do This On My Own."

Sure. You could do this on your own. Let's break down what that would look like and how long it would take to get the same breakthroughs and achieve the same progress.

Let's say you want to go on a guided hiking trip:

  • Guided Hiking Trip up to 16 people =¬†$3,000 - $8,000
  • Wild Walks is maximum 5 people.

You want to go somewhere incredibly unique and disconnect fully:

  • Float Plane Charters¬†= $5,000 - $15,000
  • Trip Planning and Logistics = 3 - 5 years
  • Gear & Safety Equipment¬†= $2,500 - $3,500

And pay extra for trip specific physical training and nutrition:

  • Personalized Training & Trip Nutrition Plan = $875

Now add in working with a coach with the highest rated coaching on the planet:

  • Progressive Intake Assessments = $1,000
  • Small Group Mastermind Coaching =¬† $10,000 - $50,000 + 1 - 5 years

What about the other benefits from a curated wilderness coaching experience:

  • 21% Lower Stress Response... Priceless
  • 29% Drop in PTSD Symptoms... Priceless
  • 50% Improvement in Problem Solving... Priceless
  • Clarity on an action-oriented plan for your life's worthy pursuit... Priceless
  • Personalized video and photography of the wilderness trip... Priceless
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Let's find the right adventure for you. Pricing in Canadian dollars.

COASTAL - June 2 - 7, 2024


Payment Plans Available.

  • 6 Months of 1:1 + Group Coaching
  • Coastal Wilderness Coaching Trip
  • Personalized Re-Entry Plan
  • Wild Walks Trip Planning Course
  • Elite Recovery Course
  • Float Plane Charter

COASTAL - July 7 - 12, 2024


Payment Plans Available

  • 6 Months of 1:1 + Group Coaching
  • Coastal Wilderness Coaching Trip
  • Personalized Re-Entry Plan
  • Wild Walks Trip Planning Course
  • Elite Recovery Course
  • Float Plane Charter

ALPINE - Sept 8 - 13, 2024


Payment Plans Available

  • 6 Months of 1:1 + Group Coaching
  • Alpine¬†Wilderness Coaching Trip
  • Personalized Re-Entry Plan
  • Wild Walks Trip Planning Course
  • Elite Recovery Course
  • Float Plane Charter