Be the Leader People Need

"The problem is, we don't teach people how to lead. We have to teach leadership."

~ Simon Sinek

Did you know 70% of CEO's and HR Professionals admit their company has a *leadership* gap?

40% also admit they do not have the resources to help you.

Learn how to lead better, drive engagement, unify teams, and be more fulfilled.


"We learn to be leaders. We learn by working with other people and working through our philosophy."

Frances Hesselbein


Be the Leader People Need

Learn the practice to being the leader you & others need:

  • Semper means "always" in Latin. Leadership always needs to be practiced.
  • Excel at one of the most in-demand skills organizations & teams always need.
  • Accelerate your personal growth and career.
  • Increase your ability to navigate challenges with ease.
  • Build meaningful & trusting lifelong relationships.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Semper Leadership Certified Coaching, you’ll learn how to be the impactful leader you desire and others need.


In The Next 6 Months, You Could Be…

  • A leader regardless of job title or role.
  • Increase you & your team's ability to adapt.
  • Advancing in your career and income.
  • Have a curated leadership resource library.
  • Elevating the potential of others.

The right moves can make all the difference. We cover it all in Semper Leadership Certified Coaching. In this group coaching program you will benefit from connecting with a community of other leaders.

Or You Could Still Be…

  • Complaining that your manager isn't a "leader".
  • Frustrated with leadership figures in your life.
  • Stagnant and idle in your career.
  • Lacking the most in-demand life & career skills.
  • Holding the people around you back rather than lifting them up.

It's up to you. If you'd prefer to stay where you're at, complain over cocktails about leaders around you, not take meaningful action toward becoming a better leader yourself... you can make that choice. I just have no idea why you would.


Semper Leadership Certified Coaching

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I Believe in Your Ability to Lead. Do You?

These 12-session modules will accelerate and sustain your leadership.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Be the Leader People Need
  • Develop Greater Strategic Thinking & Analytical Skills
  • Self-Assess & Close Gaps in Your Own Leadership
  • Meaningfully impact those around you.

All it takes is a clear commitment and willingness to learn.


What's Included in Semper Leadership Certified Coaching:

Semper Module 1

Foundations of Leadership

Make a full commitment to being an effective leader through constant learning, increasing and nourishing your knowledge and wisdom. 

  • Vision, Trust, Communication, Self-Awareness
  • Feedback & FeedForward, Raising Ambition of Collaborators
  • Commitment to Leadership, Rest & Recovery for Leaders

Your engagement and commitment to these foundational sessions and worksheets will determine if you are prepared and right for the complete Semper Leadership Certified Coaching Program.

Semper Module 2

Unified Teams

Bring clarity to teams, how to motivate individuals & groups, build momentum :

  • Foster Transparency, Community, and Communication
  • Build Momentum and Motivation through Integrated Individual & Team Goals
  • Establish Rules of Play for the Greater Good. Create Alignment and Meaningful Recognition

You’ll finish this module with an enhanced ability to produce trusting teams, create an atmosphere for success, and the tools & resources necessary to be a compelling leader.

Semper Module 3

Values of Leadership

In the words of Frances Hesselbein, leaders must be "Mission focused. Values based." These 12 sessions will coach you through values deemed integral to leadership.

  • Be a Trusted Leader through the Pursuit of Aspirational Values
  • Demonstrate Curiosity, Compassion, and Emotional Agility
  • Practice Courage, Anticipation, and Judgment with Purpose

You are now beginning to practice the tradecraft of leadership. A commitment to leadership values will identify that the lifestyle of leadership is meaningful to you.

Semper Module 4

Virtues of Leadership

The active ways of thinking, behaving, feeling, doing, and speaking that benefit others and yourself that you continually cultivate.

  • Character is the Authentic Proof of Commitment
  • Demonstrate and Invite Accountability, Patience, Decisiveness and Optimism
  • Practice Empathy, Tenacity, Humility and Fortitude

Inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more through your actions and behaviour. 

Semper Module 5

Tradecraft of Leadership

The most advanced skills learnt & acquired from the experienced practice of leadership.

  • Sustaining the Call to Leadership at an Elite Level
  • Navigating Challenges, Crisis, and Transitions 
  • Creating Connection and Community of Leaders

Leadership is a lifestyle with a full commitment learning. To continue increasing and nourishing knowledge and wisdom most Semper Leadership Certified Coaching participants will either repeat the program in its entirety or become a Semper Leadership Certified Coach themselves.

How It Works...

  • Group coaching with 8 people maximum.
  • Sessions occur every two weeks (some adjustments).
  • 3 time slots to pick from.
  • Worksheets & tools for each session.
  • Community of other leaders.

I'm Graham Snowfield

After a 20+ year career continuously in leadership and senior executive roles, it has become clear to me that like Simon Sinek says "the problem is, we don't teach people how to lead. We have to teach leadership."

Now I have created Semper Leadership Certified Coaching having worked some of the most acclaimed executive and life coaches on the planet, leading teams across numerous industries and ultra-distance athletics, and being a 6x Certified High Performance Coach.

The Semper Leadership Certified Coaching framework and methodology is designed to be the best leadership coaching in the world. In that pursuit, it will be proactively updated as leadership needs & demands evolve.

"I have never seen a team perform this well and work this well together."

- Race Director, Coastal Challenge 235km Endurance Race

"I wish started working with Graham 15 years ago. He has lead people to achieve things I never thought possible."

- EVP, Financial Services

"Graham's commitment to leadership and learning is greater than anyone I have worked with."

- Executive Coach, 40 Years Experience

Semper Leadership Certified Coaching *Groups*

Wednesdays @ 9:30am PST

$249 / month

6 monthly payments

Sessions are every other week. Join any time.

Wednesdays @ 1:30pm PST

$249 / month

6 monthly payments

Sessions are every other week. Join any time.

Thursdays @ 10:00am PST

$249 / month

6 monthly payments

Sessions are every other week. Join any time.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with Semper Leadership Certified Coaching, let us know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.