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An Invitation to Greatness

Graham Snowfield

Graham's purpose is to be a constant & expanding example of what is achievable. He is constantly seeking ways to experience more. You can find him scaling mountain tops in the Pacific Northwest, galloping on horseback through Botswana's Okavango Delta, exploring cave systems in Southeast Asia, adventuring across Europe, paddle boarding in volcanic lakes, or getting too close to animals in Yellowstone National Park.

Graham loves life deeply and lives it the extreme. He is a sports philanthropist having competed in some of the world's most gruelling endurance races for various charities. To date, he has lead teams to fundraise a combined total over $1.8 million in 14 years.

He became a Certified High Performance Coach through the #1 coach in the world; has lead the marketing for the #1 fitness company in Western Canada; has lead the sales & marketing strategy for the #1 real estate marketing agency in North America; and consulted for the #1 International Ski Destination. 

Every day, Graham strives to live into three words:

  • compassionate¬†(adj.) suspending our egos to understand the perspectives, needs and intentions of others with action-oriented connection in their service
  • leader¬†(n.) practice of inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more
  • livsnjutare¬†(n.) one who loves life deeply and lives it the extreme¬†(it's Swedish and pronounced "leafs-new-tar-ee")

Graham invites you into greatness. His unique ability to understand, engage, elevate, challenge and support delivers remarkable results for his clients in all key areas of their life: lifestyle, relationships & family, career & business, physical & mental health. By fully committing to working with Graham you will experience higher levels of focus, clarity, courage, energy, influence and purpose. 

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"Graham is constantly seeking excellence at everything he does. This drive has a positive effect on those around him. If I could summarize Graham in 3 words: #driven, #leader, #passion."

Head of Sales

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Certified High Performance Coaching

Increase greater clarity, energy, necessity, courage, productivity and influence. Experience the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence. This is the exact same coaching program proven successful for Olympians, Fortune 50 CEO's, global leaders, top 10 Billboard recording artists and more. #1 Client Rated Coaching Program in the World.


Semper Leadership Certified Coaching

Semper means "always" in Latin. The Semper Leadership Certified Coaching curriculum is designed and exists to provide the framework for leaders today and tomorrow; to be the best leadership coaching in the world. Each session includes worksheets to reinforce key learnings and guide implementation. Additional resources are also included as part of each coaching session.


"Most kids buy a VW Golf as their first car. My kid worked with Graham for 5 weeks and then bought an Audi A5."

Tim S.
Certified High Performance Coaching parent


Wild Walks

Remote Wilderness Coaching

For over 15 years, Graham has spent 10 consecutive days annually without access to Wi-Fi, a cell phone signal, or internet access. The purpose is to dedicate time to reconnect with yourself, reset and / or reconfirm your goals, give yourself a unique experience, detach from digital distraction, and connect with other like-minded people in a small group setting.

These trips are generally limited to 5 people and require: chartered float plane access, a moderate minimum fitness level (training plans provided), and enrolment in a coaching program with Graham for at least 4 months prior to the trip.


"As soon as you step into a room with Graham his passion and commitment to people and their goals is impressed on you. His innate capability and past experience in leadership coupled with his ability to create positive environments that produce results, are two of the most important skills he brings to any table."

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