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Certified High Performance Coaching

High performance means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term, while maintaining positive well-being and relationships. 


Graham is a 7x Certified High Performance Coach. He is the Founder of Semper Leadership Certified Coaching and Wild Walks Remote Wilderness Coaching.

Certified High Performance Coaching is the #1 client rated coaching program and highest level of coaching in the world. It will help you reach high performance in six main areas of life—psychology, physiology, productivity, people, purpose, and presence. This is a key differentiator from other coaching programs or models. The approach is  holistic and complete rather than just helping a client reach one specific goal like an accountability coach might.

Graham guides clients through a set of questions specifically curated for Certified High Performance Coaches that we already know work. Clients thrive with this approach because on days when they might have less to report—maybe they didn’t take action last week or month, maybe they’re tired, maybe they just ran out of ideas—they can count on Graham to coach them toward new habits and growth every single session.

Semper Leadership Certified Coaching is a curated curriculum designed to provide the framework for leaders today and tomorrow; it aspires to be the best leadership coaching program in the world.

Semper means “always” in Latin. Leadership is a skill that always needs to be practiced. It always needs refinement, growth, development, and commitment. Leadership is a lifestyle with the fundamental aspiration that is continuous, consistent, constant. It is resilient, enduring, compassionate, agile and sustainable in any and every situation, scenario or moment of performance.

Semper Leadership sessions and worksheets have been influenced by leadership coaches, philosophers, psychologists, thought leaders like: Bennis, Hesselbein, Sinek, Grant, Brown, Lencioni, David, Gallwey, Seneca, Burchard, Sharma, Ericsson, Harari, Collins, Drucker, Chalmers, Hill, Bridges, Cain, Coelho, Aristotle, Shefali, Mate, Gottman and more.

Wild Walks Remote Wilderness Coaching is the only known coaching program of its kind. Blending the most impactful elements of both coaching programs above, Wild Walks signature component is a 5-day wilderness coaching trip. We drive to where the road ends; fly to where the land ends, and get picked up in 5 days.

Wild Walks is also a fully curated, curriculum-based coaching program.

Across all coaching programs, the outcome, greater than any goal of the client, is to help the client reach higher performance in all areas of their life. A specific set of questions are followed in each focused session. 

Every session includes a training component, where Graham teaches the client a new habit, tool or concept that furthers their education and growth in that area. 

Graham is constantly honing and improving his skill and ability as a coach. His coaching is for people who want and are fully committed to growth and the coaching journey. Graham and his Certified Coaching programs & process will both support and challenge you. 

For those that want "more", now is your time.

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